Peach Computers, Inc.

The links to common downloads below are helpful do it yourselfers!

Tom Dawson

Downloads:  To be used at your own risk... The links are from their sites directly (READ the web sites understand what you are doing)

Here is a perfect site to get many of these and more:

I pick:  Chrome, Adobe Flash, Flash IE, Java, Shockwave, AVG 2012, Malwarebytes, Ccleaner,  Adobe Reader, PDF creator.

Then download the installer and run it.  All of these will be installed on your computer without intervention. 
No toolbars, spyware and if you are already up to date it will skip the install for that item.
This will also search out if you have 32 bit or 64 bit. 

    Malwarebytes :  Great program to remove many of today's threats.  It is FREE (I have never used the pay version, it may be just fine).

    EZ Cleaner:   Super little program to clean registry and other temp files, more than using Disk Cleanup built into Windows (use it as well).  the only portion of the program to NEVER use is Duplicates (it warns you ... this is not for beginners, don't use duplicate file removal)  download the EXE file and install.

   Spybot Search & Destroy:  oldie and a goodie.  Some say it is out dated.  Many virus' and spyware have been named spybot's ... so there is a lot of confusion.  The best feature is to lock the hosts file.  It is now stopping your computer from being able to get to 14,000 known bad sites, either by just being stupid or tricked by links on a web site.  My suggestion is to NOT use Tea Timer.  It will protect you, however you must turn it off when you are installing a legitimate program. 

   AVG 2012 real FREE version.  Do not search for it ... or fake AV programs will be on your computer.  Use

     Secure Fix Batch File:  Download this file to your desktop and right click and extract here (your desktop) 
There will be a file called securefix.bat.  Run that and then try to open a secure web site (https)  
If you don't want or can't extract the file click on this one, it is the direct securefix.bat (some browsers security will not let this file run directly)

Using Outlook, this utility will create a backup of your PST file.   Outlookbackup

Personal Computer Security: Using Uncommon Sense

E-Mail Anywhere

IP Test

Peach Computers, Inc was sold, I am now an employee of ComSouth Computer Services as of 7-1-2007.  Everything stays the same only better. 
We still work on your computer problems, I am still the person doing the work.  Billing will be through ComSouth at very competitive rates.

I thank all of you for your past and future support as we strive to make the services even better.